How to buy a $3.4 million home in Las Vegas

A $3,4 million house in Las Angeles sold for $3 million on Wednesday, the largest ever for the town of Las Vegas.

The sale comes just days after another $3m house in the same neighborhood sold for a record $3million in a similar auction.

A $3-million home is a typical price in Las Veres market, but it is a lot of money to pay for an average-sized house.

In 2016, a $1.5-million house in this part of town sold for just $1 million.

The town of 6,000 people is a popular destination for tourists, but the median household income is just $40,000.

Las Vegas is famous for its Las Vegas Strip, where there are a number of casinos and hotels, as well as an entertainment district, museums, casinos and golf courses.