How to buy a $500 million home in New York City, according to an

by Josh Rosenbaum title The real estate consultant who sold $500 Million home in NYC article A real estate developer who sold his $500,000 home in Manhattan to buy another $300,000 house was caught on camera buying a pair of pants with a hole in them and a busted seat belt, but that wasn’t the only item of clothing he was found to be wearing.

The real estate company that purchased the $500M home, Lend Lease, is a subsidiary of the real estate firm Lend Meals.

In a recent press release, the company said it was not aware of any issues with the home at the time of the sale, but said the owner “does not want to comment further due to privacy concerns.”

It’s a common occurrence for sellers to keep items that could be seen as embarrassing for potential buyers in their homes.

In one case, a real estate agent was seen wearing a T-shirt that said “I’m not a realtor” on the shirt while selling a house in New Jersey.

The owner of the $300M mansion that was purchased by the realtor, a man named Andrew Schoenfeld, has since posted a statement on the LendMeals website.

In his statement, Schoenfield said that he was shocked to find out that he had purchased a pair on Craigslist and that he bought the pants because he was afraid the seller would tell his children to wear them in the future.

Schoenfeld has since made a formal apology to the buyer, telling The Associated Press on Tuesday that the pants he purchased had been stolen.

Schönfeld’s apology came after the realtors association posted a note on its Facebook page.

The association wrote that the home in question had been purchased by a realtor in September 2015 for $400,000.

The association said it had received numerous complaints and investigations from both buyers and sellers, but no criminal charges had been filed.

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