How to buy an estate: ‘I could sell it’

A real estate broker, a lawyer, and a banker have all spoken to The Jerusalem Mail about how to purchase an estate.

All of them agreed that one key to selling an estate is a good relationship with the buyer.

And one of the main hurdles they faced was the buyer’s inability to sell on their terms.

According to one of them, the buyer can’t be a true owner of the house and must only be a pawnbroker. 

One way to prevent this scenario is to negotiate a contract with the real estate agent. 

“The buyer cannot sell the house without me agreeing to the terms of the contract,” the realtor explained.

“I will never get the full house, and I will never be able to sell it on my terms.”

The broker, however, said that the buyer is always in a position to negotiate with the seller, even if the buyer and seller don’t have the same interests.

“If the seller wants a bigger home, for example, then I can negotiate a bigger house, for a lower price,” he explained.

However, the realty agent, who works for a real estate company, told The Jerusalem Times that it’s impossible to negotiate the terms between two parties and that it is impossible to sell an estate without first negotiating a contract.

“Once the buyer signs the contract, the seller can’t sell it,” the agent said.

“They cannot even get a contract signed.”

The realtor, however has his doubts about this.

“It is very difficult to negotiate these contracts because you cannot even know what the seller is going to get in return,” he said. 

According to the broker, it’s easy to become a pawn broker, and he also said that pawnbrokers often get a good return on their investment.

“For example, they can sell a house for 10 times the price.

But if you sell a home for 10 million shekels ($2.8 million), you can make $600,000.”

In the end, all of these real estate agents agree that there are only two types of people who are able to purchase homes, and they are usually very wealthy people. 

The broker’s firm, for instance, has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

But the agent who works at his firm, however says that he is very familiar with the problems and the difficulties involved in the process of buying an estate and he believes that he can help the buyer by negotiating a good contract.

“In the first place, the buyers need to have a good connection with me,” the broker said.

“And second, I need to be able give them an honest answer.”