How to buy your home in Georgia

Citing a state law that requires real estate agents to tell potential buyers the location of homes they have advertised, real estate agent Mark Moseley is telling prospective buyers to expect to be turned away if they want to purchase a home. 

Moseley, who runs a real estate company in Georgia, is trying to sell homes at a rate of $150,000 per sale. 

If that’s not good enough for you, you can always buy your property with a mortgage. 

The Georgia Real Estate Board (GREB) allows buyers to take out a mortgage of up to $500,000 and take out an equity loan of up $300,000. 

“Our goal is to help homeowners get their dream home,” Mosely said in a news release.

“But if the goal is selling a home and not buying a home, we would like to see it done more in the state.” 

Might buyers want to check with the local real estate office?

“I’d suggest you call the real estate broker, not the realtor,” Masely said.

“And we have a system in place to protect consumers.”

If you don’t have any money, here’s a guide to the realtors’ fee schedule in Georgia.

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More than 40,000 Georgia homes sold in 2016 in Georgia and Georgia alone, the GREB said. 

In Georgia, sales tax will be 8% on residential property purchases over $1 million, and 5% on nonresidential property purchases. 

Georgia Real Estate Bureau: