How to Get Into Estate Sales Tulsa

TULSA — In the aftermath of a brutal tornado that tore through Tulsa’s downtown area, many of the residents have been forced to sell their homes to raise money for their loved ones.

The tornado killed over 100 people and destroyed over 30,000 homes.

Tulsas residents were forced to move out in a matter of weeks, but some people have been reluctant to sell because they want to save their homes for when they are no longer able to rent them.

TLC’s Rob LaPorte spoke with several of them about what it is like to sell your home and how they are dealing with their aftermath.1.

Do you have to sell immediately?

Not necessarily.

You can sell as long as you have a place to stay, and you have some money to pay rent and utilities.

Tullamore resident, Lisa Ollivant says she is selling her home, but she needs to wait for the insurance company to process the paperwork to move forward.

“I am selling my house, and I need to wait until we get insurance,” she said.2.

How do you decide if you can sell?

It depends on how much time you have left.

Lisa OLLIVANT says she will sell her home if she has no other options.

“It depends on when I can go, because I don’t know if I can live there or not,” she told TLC.

“If I can sell now, I can wait until I get insurance and then I can do it.”3.

How much money will you need?

If you are not planning to move in as soon as possible, you may need to find a new place to live.

“Most people would think I am crazy to sell now,” Lisa Olli said.

“But you have been hurt.

You have been scared.”4.

Do I need a lot of cash?


You don’t have to have $1 million to sell.

“Just have a plan to live on and make it happen,” said Lisa Ollo.

“My family doesn’t have any money.

My husband and I just don’t.”5.

How long will it take to move your house?

You should have a few months to find an apartment that works for you.

If you need help finding an apartment, you can ask your landlord to help you.6.

What if I need more help?

You may need help with getting the house sold.

“You will probably need to get the insurance,” Lisa told Tulsans TLC program.

“We are dealing right now with insurance and we will get the mortgage done.

It’s a long process, but I hope we will be able to get it done.”7.

What about moving your kids?

Lisa Oellivant said she would consider moving her kids to a new home if they are living in the same area.

“They might be upset at my decision,” she explained.

“Some kids, like my 10-year-old son, are still in school.

He would probably want to stay there, because it’s easier.”8.

What do I do if my home is torn down?

TLC reached out to some of the people affected by the tornadoes.

They said they were unsure what the best course of action was.

“In some cases, you are going to be living in a temporary home for a while, so it may be better to move quickly and get rid of it,” said Rob La Porte.

“And in some cases you are probably going to need to relocate the kids,” said David Rader, the program director for the Tulsa Housing Authority.

“That’s the decision that’s up to you.”9.

How can I get a loan?

It may take some time to get a mortgage, but there are plenty of loans available.

“There are a lot more loans available than there were people who lost their homes,” said Bob Rader.

You may also want to consider a home equity line of credit, which can be a way to help pay for rent, mortgage, and utilities while you are in the recovery process.