How to make a real estate crowdfunding platform and how it will change your life

On Thursday, the fifth Estate broke the news that the Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform BERMuda was launching.

The platform, which will accept bitcoin donations as well as other cryptocurrencies, allows for investors to invest in up to 30 properties in the US and Canada.

BERmuda’s founders, Andrew and Jennifer Gentry, have previously founded the BERNet platform, an online investment marketplace that lets users sell their real estate investments through real estate brokers.

The Gentrys are currently working on a startup to help the online marketplace build a business around real estate for people and businesses in the community.

The BERCrowdfunding platform is similar to other crowdfunding platforms, such as Indiegogo, that allow investors to pay monthly installments of $15, $20, $25, $50, $100, and $1,000.

In this case, the Gentry brothers are using BERMs cryptocurrency to pay for the initial investment.

This is a new concept for crowdfunding, which has been around for years, but the Gartsons say it’s the first to allow people to invest directly in the properties they want to buy.BERMudas website, which was originally set up in February 2017, will offer investors a simple and intuitive way to fund their investments through the platform.

Investors can create a BERFund account by sending their Bitcoin address to their BER fund.

When the BERS account is established, a BERCooling account will be created, which allows the investor to send BER funds to a realtor, for example.

Investors will receive an automatic notification on their phone when a BERS funds are available for sale on

Once the funds are paid, the realtor will process the payment in Bitcoin.

The Gents say BER is similar in many ways to a traditional crowdfunding platform.

In order to be successful, investors will need to have a certain amount of capital, or their money is required to purchase property.

This process takes time, and the Gents hope the platform will allow the same level of transparency and accessibility to investors that a crowdfunding platform offers.

For now, investors can only select properties through the real estate platform.

The website, as of today, has a total of over 20,000 properties listed.

BERC is planning to add more properties in 2018.

The startup is also planning to provide a way for individuals and businesses to buy their realtor investments, which would help lower the cost of buying and selling real estate.