How to make the most of your new Vancouver home

VANCOUVER — A house is a dream come true for many people, but it can be tough to find a buyer who is willing to take the plunge.

The reality is that home prices in Vancouver are rising more slowly than in most major cities in Canada.

That means it’s a real challenge for the real estate market to keep pace.

Vancouver’s housing market is undergoing a new kind of development, and the latest data shows the average price of a single-family home in the city is rising by 6.4% a year.

The average price for a detached home in Vancouver was $1,049,947 in August, up from $946,839 in August last year.

The price of single- family homes has been rising faster than the average since 2010.

In Vancouver, median household income has increased by a whopping $6,842 a year since 2009.

But the real-estate market has seen a massive boom in the past two years, driven by a boom in Chinese buyers, who have been attracted to the region because of its proximity to major Chinese cities and its relative low cost of living.

The influx of Chinese buyers has driven prices in the region to a record high in June, when the average cost of a home in a house in the area was $3,919.

Chinese buyers have been coming to Vancouver, and are also pouring into the market in other Canadian cities.

But those trends are reversing as the Canadian dollar is gaining strength, and as Vancouver continues to struggle to keep up with rising prices.

“It’s a trend where the Chinese market has been very dominant in Vancouver,” said Ian Leach, an associate professor at Simon Fraser University who has studied the issue.

“And the fact that it’s still the case and that Vancouver is still one of the few major cities that doesn’t have any competition is going to limit the Chinese buyers.”

The average cost in Vancouver rose by 2.2% a week in the first three months of the year, while the average monthly cost in Toronto jumped by 8.4%.

In Toronto, prices rose by 3.3% a month in the third quarter, and by 3% a quarter in Vancouver, the data show.

While the trend is encouraging for Vancouver’s real-torbs, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the country.

A recent survey of Canadians by the BMO Financial Group found that only about a third of Canadians think the market will recover from the current downturn.

Meanwhile, the realtor industry is seeing its worst year ever, with losses topping $2 billion in the three months ending in June.

That’s despite the fact the number of listings in the industry fell 5.7% in June from a year earlier.

Last month, BMO warned that its clients are increasingly being forced to sell properties in an increasingly volatile market, as home sales are falling and prices are increasing at an alarming rate.

As a result, the number and type of properties being sold in Vancouver’s booming market is at an all-time high, as is the number with high vacancy rates.

And while Vancouver is seeing more and more people flocking to the city, that doesn´t mean that the local real estate sector is flourishing.

A recent report from the realty website Trulia found that there are more people leaving Vancouver in search of lower-cost housing in other cities.

The number of people who have moved to a different city to find affordable housing is growing, but the percentage of Vancouverites who are leaving is falling.

According to Trulia, Vancouver has a vacancy rate of 6.9%, while Toronto’s is 8.6%.

There are also more renters in the Vancouver area than there are people living there.

For example, the average age of a renter in Vancouver is 41.5 years old, while in Toronto it is 38.7 years old.

Renters in Vancouver have also become more educated, having completed a bachelor’s degree or higher by the time they leave, and now account for nearly a quarter of the population.

There is also a big disparity between the types of people buying and selling in Vancouver.

One-bedroom apartments are selling for as much as $1.9 million in Vancouver this year, according to realtor site Zillow, while condos are selling at a rate of $1 million.

Many people are still renting in the booming real estate markets of Vancouver and Toronto, but many are starting to question whether that is a good idea, said Mike Lofgren, chief economist at RealtyTrac.

If the trend continues, Lofberg said he believes that rental vacancy rates in Vancouver will increase in the coming years. is a real-time market analysis service and is a member of Trulia.

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