How to sell your home in Albuquerque without breaking the law

A lot of people get excited about the possibility of a sale in the small, fast-growing city of Albuquerque.

But that excitement is short-lived.

It seems like it’s the perfect opportunity for an insider to sneak up on a potential buyer.

“It’s a bit like a honeymoon, you’re sitting in your favorite restaurant and someone comes in and says, ‘Hey, I need a house for the weekend.

Are you interested?'” said John Latham, owner of the Latham Family Realty Group.

Latham and his partner, Jason Smith, are looking to sell their home for $2.5 million, but the deal will be the first time the Lathas have sold in Albuquerque.

Smith says they got the idea to take advantage of the Albuquerque real estate market when the city saw a surge in interest in home sales.

The first house Latham and Smith sold in 2014 was worth $1.6 million.

They decided to sell that one house and move to Albuquerque, where they got a new mortgage that’s a fraction of what they paid in New Mexico.

“We didn’t really understand it at the time,” Smith said.

“We thought it was a really cool opportunity to have an opportunity to do a real estate transaction.”

The Lathases say they don’t have any specific plans to open a second home in the state, but they’re considering it.

“That’s where I’ve always been, this idea of just being a local,” Latham said.

Smith said they have plenty of other homes in the market, but if they don`t see an opportunity in Albuquerque, they plan to stay put.

Smith and Latham say they’re not taking any shortcuts when it comes to their property.

They’re looking to move into a new home in 2017 and sell the house and sell it to a local investor.

“The city is always changing,” Smith added.

“They have this wonderful history of going through so many different stages.”

The house Lathan is considering selling is located on a quiet street just off of I-35.

It`s a very well-kept, nicely-kept property.

Smith wants to sell it for $4.75 million.

The Lathias say they would be willing to sell for more if they had to, but Smith says they can`t afford that much money.

“I can`ve just sold the house,” Smith joked.

“If I had to pay $5 million to get the house, I`d probably do it.”

Smith said he has a plan to move to New Mexico if he doesn`t sell in the next few months.

He said they are working on a new way to make money, but he said he hopes to get a mortgage that`s much closer to what he`s paying in New York City.

“What`s the point in having a mortgage when you can just move here and get a better one?”

Smith said about moving to New York.