New York Real Estate Market: Here Are the Top 10 Home Sales (July 1-Sept. 30)

By Engadge staffEngadge reader Brian Tappo from Long Island is in the market for a home in the city.

He said the home market is “still alive” and “we’re still seeing a lot of interest” in the New York market.

He’s willing to pay $2.3 million for a 1,200 square foot home in Queens, but he said he’s willing for it to be up for sale.

Tappos house is listed at $1.9 million.

“If the price is right, it’s worth $2 million,” Tappi said.

Tappo lives in Brooklyn, so he said it’s not unusual for the area to be the biggest home-price increase in New York.

“We’re in a boom.

People are buying more, but they’re also renting out more.

People who live in Brooklyn can’t afford it.

It’s not worth the extra $2,000 per square foot.””

You could sell your home for a lot more, which is really good.

You could sell for less, which would be even better,” Tapper said.