Polygon’s Sandringham Estate

In a few months, we’ll be looking back at the Sandringhans as the great New Zealand family-owned business that was born out of the ashes of an Australian town.

As a result, the Sandrings are going through some major changes, with the acquisition of a new building in October.

We’ve also got a couple of stories about the development and its impact.

First, we’ve got a look at the company that made them.

Then we’ve looked at the impact that the SandRingham redevelopment is having on the community, and finally, we’re taking a closer look at how the Sand ringham estate is evolving as the business evolves.

So let’s get started.

What is the Sand Ringham estate?

Sandringhan Estate is a New Zealand property with more than 70 residential properties in four regions.

As with any New Zealand company, there’s been a lot of change since the Sand rings were founded in the early 1990s.

The first thing that you will notice is the building.

This is an elegant four-storey building that’s built to last, with a variety of different types of flooring, and all built in the 1930s.

At first glance, it looks like a typical Victorian building with an office building on the first floor, and a residential building on one of the second.

It’s also a bit of a surprise to see that this is a multi-family property, as this is the first in the Sand Rings to have a single-family building.

In the 1970s, it was the home of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, and in the 1980s, the Auckland Council, the country’s largest public-private partnership.

Today, the building is the headquarters of Sandringheap, an online real estate portal that provides information about New Zealand real estate and offers real estate advice.

It is one of several websites that have merged into a company called Sandringheid, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

Sandringham’s real estate has changed a lot over the years, but it is still largely the same.

It has four main floors: the main building (the Sandring Hall), the main office, the two offices in the residential building, and the one office on the third floor.

The building itself has undergone a significant transformation, with many new floors being added and floors being replaced.

The main building of the Sandrings has been refurbished, with new office space added to the main floor.

Sandringhella has recently renovated its office, and we’ve included a picture of the new space below.

The new office, now named the Sandstone Building, has two floors.

This new office has a more modern look than the older office, with glass walls, glass floors, and stainless steel appliances.

Sandrings employees will be pleased to see a new floor plan with more windows.

The next major change is that the first office in the new building is now open.

This will be the home for the company’s marketing and advertising department.

This office has two additional floors, each with two separate office spaces.

In addition to the marketing office, Sandringhall also has offices for a financial advisory team, and also a research and development department.

It also has a design office, a media design office and a sales office.

This new office is currently being used for office space, and it will be completely renovated by the end of this year.

Sandrham is currently in the process of selling its remaining land, and they have an option to purchase it for $2.8 million.

The remaining land is currently worth about $2 million, which is a lot.

The second office is still a great place to work and live.

The office in this office will house a team of about 20 people, who are expected to work in the office from 9am to 6pm every day, Monday to Friday.

The team will work from 10am to 8pm.

The main office is about 20 minutes’ walk from the Sandrangah house.

The offices have been renovated, and this is now the company headquarters.

The company’s new office looks like it will become a great workplace.

This building will be in the right place at the right time.

It will provide an ideal setting for a team to develop new ideas and improve their productivity.

The staff are expected not only to be in a good state of mind, but also to be able to collaborate with a diverse team, whether they be from overseas, locals, or local business owners.

It’ll also provide a place to relax, with outdoor furniture, and to share meals with friends.

The new office will have a good range of amenities.

The third floor of the office is for a small office, but the team will also be working in the first-floor office.

This area will have an extra floor for the management team, where they will have their own desks and meeting space.

This will be a very good location for a social gathering.

The company’s staff will be