Real estate site that let buyers buy property for thousands of dollars is closed by NSW Government

The website that let the state’s first buyer buy a home for a little over $500,000 was closed by the NSW Government on Tuesday night.

It is the first time in Australia that a government-owned real estate site has been closed down.

The Government says the site, Real Estate Australia, was set up in 2015 to facilitate transactions for first-time buyers and people wanting to buy a house for a small deposit.

It was one of the first websites to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase property for under $500 million.

The Department of Human Services (DHSS) said the closure of the site came after an investigation by the department.

It said the department received a complaint from the owner of the Real Estate Australian website about “significant breaches” of the Government’s rules on dealing with third-party buyers.

“The Department of DHSS is committed to ensuring that any third party who wants to buy property on behalf of a person on a temporary or permanent basis cannot do so without the required authorisation,” DHSS said in a statement.

The website was closed after a review in January 2017.

In February, the government announced it was closing the website because of concerns about the way the site was run.

In the statement, DHSS also said that the Department of Home Affairs was reviewing whether or not it could take further action.

It did not specify what the review would look at.

It says there are no plans to shut down the site.

A spokeswoman for the department said the Department had been investigating the allegations against Real Estate Sydney.

“In accordance with our obligations under the Consumer Protection Act, the department has launched an independent review into Real Estate NSW,” the spokeswoman said.

The Australian Property Association said the website was a success story and a model for other government websites.

“I’m delighted that this site is now closed, but we’ll be watching very closely to see what happens with other websites in the future,” the association’s president Stephen McPhail said.

“It is absolutely appalling that a company like this has the resources to run a legitimate and effective website for people who are not even able to get a mortgage and can’t afford to pay the interest that is on their loans.”

In March, Real Property Sydney was closed in a similar fashion to Real Estate Victoria.

Real Estate Tasmania has also closed down its website in the last year.

The real estate industry is divided on the issue.

The Real Estate Council of Tasmania says the sites failures were “a failure of planning and management”.

“We don’t want to see a repeat of that situation here in Tasmania,” its chief executive John Harker said.

Mr Harkam said the state was the only jurisdiction in Australia with an existing site that allowed people to buy houses for as little as $500.

“If we can just get the other states to follow us, we’ll see a lot more people in Tasmania making a profit from buying houses and it will help the economy,” he said.

A number of other websites offering the same services were also shut down., which lets people buy properties for as low as $250,000, is not part of the new closure.

The site’s founder, Stephen Mackey, said he was saddened to see his site closed.

“We thought this would be a great way to introduce more choice to first-timers, especially with the market in Australia so hot,” he wrote in a blog post.

“After many months of hard work and constant planning and testing, we were able to achieve a result that made us feel like we had achieved something in our little community.”

The Real Property Australian website, launched in 2015, was also shut in March.

The new Real Estate Act states that a third party must apply to the Department for permission to buy real estate for $500 or less.

Mr Mackey said he had been working on the site since 2016 and he was looking to expand.

“As long as it’s possible, I’d like to expand it to other areas of interest,” he told

“What we are doing is trying to be a good broker, it’s not a huge amount of money to put up, but it does provide more choice.”