The most affordable real estate in the state of Arkansas

Arkspring real estate is offering its customers a 30-day money back guarantee, and the first time buyers can check it out is this Saturday.

Arksprings real estate broker Robert Wolffer has offered its customers 30 days of free return and a full refund on all purchases made after Jan. 29.

“The returns are great, the money back guarantees are great,” Wolfer told IGN.

“I am not a consumer and I do not understand the whole returns thing.”

Wolfer also says the return process is quick, and all customers who make a purchase will be eligible for a full 90-day return period.

If a customer has any issues, the company will refund them within 30 days, he added.

In addition to the return and refund, customers can get an early-bird discount on the entire sale price.

The sale is priced at $2,400 and includes a 2,400-square-foot home, as well as a pool house, pool and a two-bedroom house.

Wolffers company offers a free demo period for anyone who buys the home.

If you have any questions about Arksperes return policy, check out Wolff’s Facebook page or call (800) 869-3340.