This house sold for $8.9M, with no deposit

This is a real house that sold for a cool $8 million in May of this year.

This house was built in 1994 in the small town of Kailua, Hawaii, and has been converted into a two-bedroom, 2,800 square foot home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The house is described as “perfectly restored” and has a lot of space, with “extra storage, a basement and a backyard.”

The property was listed for $1.4 million in September of 2018, but the price was only $7.9 million at the time of the listing.

This was before the housing bubble and the financial crisis.

There are lots of rumors that the house will be demolished.

It may be demolished, but it’s a big house with lots of potential.

It’s not a bad property, but not as beautiful as some of the other properties that were listed for sale in Hawaii.

Here are the main things that made the listing interesting: 1.

The location.

This property is located in the Kailau area of Kona, Hawaii.

It has a population of around 8,000.

It was built on a small lot and has some natural elements in the way it looks.

The property has a nice lake and is close to several hotels, restaurants, a grocery store, and a shopping center.


The price.

This is not a very expensive property.

This one is just under $1 million, which is a little bit over the price of a typical two- or three-bedroom house in Kailoo, Hawaii with the exception of a one-bedroom.


The history of this house.

This listing came from a real estate company that specializes in homes for sale.

The listing states that the home is “perfect” and it’s “the perfect home for a young family,” but the listing did not specify any amenities or amenities that would make this house “the right fit” for a family.


The future of the property.

The buyer stated that the property was “currently under renovation,” and it will be “ready to be finished in the next year.”

The listing does not state whether the property will be used for commercial purposes.


The owner’s history.

The seller states that this home was built for her husband.

She said that the husband, a retired teacher, bought the house in 1991 and “he still lives in the house with the children.”

The seller did not state how long the home has been vacant.

It is a pretty small house, but you can’t help but feel that this is one of those houses that is “just a bit off.”

If you’re interested in buying this house, be sure to visit the listing site.

The real estate listing has a $1,700 down payment, which makes it a little cheaper than the typical $1 to $2 million asking price for the house.

It would be a nice home for someone who wants to raise kids and want to enjoy a little more space in their house.

Here is the full listing: Kailoa, Hawaii (Kailua) Hawaii home sells for $9.9 Million, with only deposit and no deposit [Reddit]