What to know about Vermont’s upcoming sale of its former headquarters

In the wake of its announcement of its planned sale of the former Vermont headquarters, the developer has announced that it will be moving its corporate headquarters to a new building on the Vermont River.

The new building will be built in an old-style structure, with the addition of an office tower.

Vermont announced plans to sell the Vermeers’ former headquarters at a news conference this week.

The building will house a new office space for Vermont, and Vermont will retain its current headquarters as a museum, which will be opened in 2020, Vermont CEO Tom Kloog said.

The Vermont Museum of Architecture, which was recently completed, will house Vermont-branded and museum-branded displays, including sculptures, and will open in 2019.

It will be housed in a building that was once Vermont Properties headquarters.

In the months since Vermont bought the Vermons property from former Vermons founder Bob Vermont in 2007, the company has struggled financially.

Vermons has been hit with a series of lawsuits filed by former Vermonters who allege the company violated their personal and employment rights.

The former owners of the property, however, say the company’s history of good business practices is what’s kept it in business.

The Vermont company was founded in 1933 and grew to become the largest real estate development company in the U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s.

In the early 1970s, Vermonter founder Bob V. Vermonte opened a company in San Diego, then moved the company headquarters to Los Angeles, where it expanded to include a new headquarters in the city’s Chinatown.

The San Diego office moved to the Vermonts’ new headquarters at the Vermoir Lakes in 1981, and the new headquarters also expanded in the San Francisco Bay Area, and then to New York.

The company’s current headquarters, at the former San Diego headquarters, is located in New Jersey.

Vermont also announced plans for a new downtown office tower, and a new campus for the company.

The plans include building an additional office space, the addition to the building of a new museum and a restaurant and lounge.

The building will also include a hotel, a sports arena and a parking garage.

Vermonter, based in New Orleans, also announced a partnership with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development to redevelop a former school for low-income children, The Vermonton Foundation.

The school is scheduled to reopen in 2019, but there are still no details on when the school will reopen or what the future plans are for the site.