When it comes to the Idaho real estate market, what you need to know about the real estate industry

The Idaho Real Estate Association (IRDA) is taking a look at the state’s housing market.

The goal is to understand how real estate is being used in Idaho, as well as how the state and its economy is impacted by the high number of people moving to Idaho each year.

The Idaho Real Property Board (IRPB) will be hosting a conference on housing for Idaho residents in June at the Idaho State Capitol.

“The goal is not to make a quick fix to this problem, but to create a framework for our future housing and economic development,” said IRLB President Chris Brown.

“This conference is meant to provide information that will be useful to policymakers and the general public and to educate Idahoans on the state of the housing market, its challenges and opportunities.”

This year’s conference will be focused on topics like:How to protect Idahoans’ home rights, how Idahoans can keep pace with rising housing costs, and how realtors can provide services for those who need them most.

IRLB is also encouraging residents to participate in a national survey about the state housing market and to share their thoughts and insights on their experiences.

To learn more about the IRLP conference, click here.

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