Why is it that Australia’s real estate market has been so badly hit by the global financial crisis?

Posted April 18, 2020 14:17:24I’m in the same position as you: I have lost money.

I’m not alone.

For the past six years, my house has been on the market for a nominal price.

It’s been bought up and sold to pay back my mortgage.

The seller is in a position where they can’t sell because they are in default.

My family is also in a similar position: they are unable to sell because of a bank default and the government is in default as well.

The government is now asking for up to $50 million in assistance, which will be paid out to the buyers in the event of a default.

A lot of families are in the exact same situation.

We have lost almost $2 million.

It is going to be really hard for us to get it back.

In the meantime, the house has fallen into disrepair and it is now in danger of falling apart.

This week I went to the house to see if it was up to code and the front of the house was covered in mould and the roof was falling off.

It was not, so I sent my brother to do the inspection.

My brother did not do a good job.

He came back with a letter from the government telling him it was fine and that they would pay it back and the rest of the money would come from the house sale proceeds.

That is a lie.

It has taken me about five years to get this house back.

My brother had no idea what he was doing.

He has spent his whole life working in real estate and had no previous experience of this.

I’ve been working for about seven years in a real estate agency.

I know the system.

It does not work that way.

The house I purchased from my grandfather in 1995 had a roof that had fallen off three times and I remember looking at the house and thinking: “How could that happen?”

I’ve had other problems, such as a roof falling off my car, but I never thought about it until this week.

What is going on?

I’m a very happy man.

I’ve been saving for a long time, and now I’ve got a job that allows me to pay for my own mortgage.

But when the government wants money from the people of Australia, it should be for things like our own welfare, not just for the sale of property.

This government is not only telling us how to live our lives.

They are telling us what to do when we are sick.

It is also telling us that the people who are the most in need are the ones who are least able to pay.

I think it is time to have an honest debate about how we live our life.

The current system has failed us.

The Australian Government should take steps to ensure that the public and private sector can share in the wealth generated by wealth creation.


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