Why it’s hard to find a home for the average renter in NYC

Real estate prices in New York City have shot through the roof, and are now worth more than $1.2 million a square foot, according to a new study by Trulia.

Trulia is one of the companies that has released the results of their latest real estate report.

But it’s not just the pricey property market that has caused so much stress for renters in New Yorkers.

TrustedHome, another real estate analytics company, also released their own study on how it feels to be a renter who can’t find a place to live in NYC.

What makes New York the most expensive city in the US? 

The city has a population of more than 35 million people.

That means that each person is worth an average of $1,071,000 a year, according to Trulia, a comparison that shows how much more people have a lot more than one place to call home.

This means that New Yorkers who are looking for a place that can be rented for a low cost, or for a smaller amount of money, can find it. 

“It’s definitely a challenge to find affordable housing,” said Kristin Bort, Trulia’s senior vice president of research and data.

“There’s no easy answer, and this is a city where there are lots of people that need a place they can call home.” 

While the cost of renting in New Jersey and New York has risen recently, according to Trulia realtors found that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan rose by more than 15% in the last year, to $139 a month. 

For a one bedroom apartment in Queens, the average price was up nearly 19% to $928 a month, with the average one bedroom in Brooklyn, New York, increasing by more in the past year to $873 a month .

The New York metro area also has some of the most affordable housing in the country, with the median household income of $52,879, according a recent report by the Census Bureau. 

And while it’s difficult to find rent-controlled apartments in New Yorks neighborhoods, there are some exceptions. 

In Brooklyn, rent is not a requirement in many apartments, and some of these places offer some kind of rent-control or other options. 

Some neighborhoods are also home to more affordable housing than others. 

The median rent for an apartment in the city of Queens is $1 per night, but the median rent in Manhattan is $3,000 per month.

Rent in the Bronx is higher than the average, but is still below the $3.50/night that many renters need to survive in NYC, according the report. 

It’s not always easy to find good, affordable housing, especially when you don’t have a car or other form of transportation to get to your place. 

But it’s still a challenge, said Bort. 

Bort pointed out that while there are plenty of great neighborhoods to live, some neighborhoods in New york are becoming more expensive every year. 

Many neighborhoods are experiencing gentrification and more of them are becoming less desirable. 

If you’re not comfortable with the price tag of renting, there are other ways to get affordable housing. 

A one-way bus ticket to the city can cost between $3 and $6. 

There are many rental-assistance programs available for people looking for help. 

Trulia also points out that you don,t need to rent an apartment yourself to make ends meet. 

You can also rent a place in a nearby city or town. 

However, many people don’t feel comfortable sharing their homes, which is why it’s important to find other ways of living in your community. 

While New York may be expensive, it’s also one of America’s most affordable cities.

Tristan Ostrovsky is a Senior Editor at Real Estate Weekly.

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