Why Montana realtor bought property in Wyoming for $1.3 million

A real estate broker in Wyoming said he bought the home for $8.2 million, the largest sale price in the state’s history.

Mike Stearns, president of Stearn Real Estate, said the $1 million sale price for the home in Eagle River, about 25 miles south of Laramie, is a record in Wyoming.

The home was built in 1924 and is owned by Stearnes and his wife, who lives in the home.

Stearns said he was surprised by the $8 million sale.

He said the couple had to sell the house for $900,000 in 2005.

The sale price is based on a median sale price of $1,958,500 in the metro area, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Laramies.

Stearnis said the median sale value is $1 and up.

The median sale date is Aug. 10, 2020.

“It was a good price, but it wasn’t the best price we’ve ever seen, so it’s going to be challenging to move forward, and it’s not something we want to be involved in at this time,” Stears said.

He said the home will remain vacant until the owner moves out.